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Version 6.2
October 13, 2000

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Table Of Contents:

Short Index

  1. Administrivia
    1. Changes - FAQ Revision History
    2. What is a FAQ?
    3. Copyright
    4. Disclaimer
    5. Editorial
    6. Maintainers / Locations
    7. How is this FAQ created?
    8. What can you tell me about this server?
  2. History / Personal Info
    1. Who are you?
    2. Wait, are you a con-man with that many names?
    3. Who are you not?
    4. Where'd your name come from?
    5. What does your name mean?
    6. What's with the David Madison thing?
    7. What's with the David Madison Stellar thing?
    8. Where'd you come from?
    9. Where were you born?
    10. So when's your birthday?
    11. Where are you now?
    12. Where am I now?
    13. Where have you been?
    14. Where are your homes?
    15. What are you?
    16. What's this 'dave++' I see you using?
    17. What's this 'Dave ][+' I see you using?
    18. How many broken/fractured bones have you had?
    19. What is your Monster Manual entry?
  3. Activities (the S Page)
    1. Swing?
    2. So does that mean you dance to country music?
    3. Ska?
    4. Sports?
    5. Skiing?
    6. Snowboarding?
    7. Skating?
    8. Street Hockey?
    9. Soccer?
    10. Sleep?
    11. Sex?
    12. What's with all these letter 'S's?
  4. Questions & Answers
    1. What are your religious beliefs?
    2. Which of the first three is the best?
    3. What does 'zeitgeist' mean?
    4. How many domains do you have?
    5. Where do you get the money to buy all these domains?
    6. Where can I send you email?
    7. Why daveola.com?
    8. How do you pronounce daveola?
    9. Why did you create this whole web extravaganza?
    10. How much google juice do you have?
    11. What's your net ranking?
    12. What are your current vehicles?
    13. What vehicles have you owned?
    14. Isn't that alot of cars to own over the course of a decade?
    15. If you had lots of money and a big garage,...?
    16. How much stuff do you have?
    17. What is your favorite color?
    18. What are your favorite movies?
    19. What are your favorite TV shows?
    20. What music do you like?
    21. Okay, so what are some great movies that aren't your favorites?
    22. And what movies have you seen lately that aren't the greatest, but were still pretty good?
    23. Worst movies?
    24. Are you the only one who's noticed the "Dear Liza" melody in Billy Joel's "Two Thousand Years"?
    25. Are you the only one who's noticed the "ice cream" reference in Billy Joel's "I Go To Extremes"?
    26. Are you the only one who's noticed the "Ready Freddie" reference in Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"?
    27. What's your shoe size?
    28. What jobs have you had?
    29. What is your favorite color?
    30. How fast can you solve the Rubik's Cube?
  5. Those silly questionnaires
    1. How much are you worth?
    2. What is your nerdity percentage?
    3. What is your purity percentage?
    4. What is your sanity percentage?
    5. Are you a Freak?
    6. What's your Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.)?
    7. Oh yeah? Well what's your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.)?
    8. What is your Logic I.Q.?
    9. Any other QueenDom results?
    10. Are you a member of the mile high club?
    11. Are you egotistical?
    12. Do you want those scores to be high or low?
    13. Are you accident prone?
    14. What's your Myers-Briggs Type
    15. What is your Enneagram
    16. Do you have lots of Anxiety?
    17. How jealous are you?
    18. How much of a loser are you?
    19. What is your shape-affinity?
    20. Who would you be in a medieval kingdom?
    21. Which Star Wars characters are you most like?
    22. What are your Values?
    23. What kind of dog are you?
    24. Speaking of emode, what is your personality?
    25. How evil are you?
    26. How evil were you?
    27. What is your political party?
    28. What is your political ideology?
    29. What are your Color Quiz results?
    30. What is your Geek Code?
    31. What is your Cat Code?
    32. But you're not a cat?
  6. Getting Attention / Acting Stupid
    1. Were you ever a supermodel?
    2. Didn't I see you in an episode of 'Friends'?
    3. Is there a Dave Ljung Madison Fan Club?
    4. Have you ever been in the movies?
    5. Have you ever been in any real movies?
    6. Have you written any books?
    7. Are you world famous?
    8. Are you a superhero?
    9. Were you ever "Man Of The Year?"
    10. What's The World Birthday Party 6000?
    11. Have you ever owned a University?
  7. Beliefs / Thoughts
    1. What do you believe in?
    2. How do you spell nihilist?
    3. What is most important?
    4. What drives you?
    5. What are your opinions in computing?
    6. What does QED mean?
    7. What do you eat?
    8. Drugs?
    9. Drink?
    10. Smoke?
    11. You sound like an opinionated bastard!

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