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Table Of Contents

  1. Swing?
  2. So does that mean you dance to country music?
  3. Ska?
  4. Sports?
  5. Skiing?
  6. Snowboarding?
  7. Skating?
  8. Street Hockey?
  9. Soccer?
  10. Sleep?
  11. Sex?
  12. What's with all these letter 'S's?

1:   Swing?

I have a short page about this.

2:   So does that mean you dance to country music?

       Whoa there, cowboy!

No sir.

This is the original swing dancing, from the 20's and 30's - to jazz and
big band music like Benny Goodman, Count Basie, etc..
Specifically I dance the Lindy Hop - which later became simplified as
a 6-count dance (the 'Jitterbug' or 'East Coast Swing') which later became
simplified as what you generally see people do at Country bars.  Not
my style.

3:   Ska?
I enjoy Ska music, but I'm not a huge fan.  I only mention it because
I never danced at all before Ska - and Ska was like a first taste
of dancing to music (if skanking can be called dancing), shortly before
I discovered swing.

4:   Sports?
I generally don't get a kick from most team sports, and spectator sports
dull me into a numbness like no other.  I highly prefer individual sports.

5:   Skiing?
I started skiing when I was a wee 3 years old.  It's my oldest love
when it comes to such activities.  I got very serious about it when
I moved to Colorado, and for three years I was proud to be the
president of the Northern Colorado Hewlett-Packard Ski Club.  When
I was young I ditched my poles and developed my own style which was
somewhat aggressive stance, though a bit inefficient.  It wasn't great
for moguls, but it suited me quite well and I developed a serious love
for speed skiing and eventually cliff jumping.  After skiing for over
two decades, I was convinced by Tony Lelm (one of our best skiers at
HP) to try boarding, and then..

6:   Snowboarding?
My aggressive skiing style transferred pretty well to snowboarding,
though unfortunately the high-speed skiing didn't translate well to
boarding.  I ended up getting very into backcountry ('off-piste') boarding.
It seems that no ski trip is complete unless I either have my lift
ticket taken away for going out of bounds, or else find myself taking
off my board to hike out of an area that didn't have the exit I had hoped for.

For some reason, even though boarding should be perfect for cliff-jumping,
it's never felt quite right to me, so I spend pretty much all of my time
in the trees.  This has lead me to some of the most dangerous moments
in my life, but that's another story.

7:   Skating?
I've skateboarded since I was very young.  I never did tricks much, and
I still believe that ollie's are physically impossible and must be some
sort of illusion.  I used skateboarding to travel around alot, and it
became a primary vehicle in College, so I was adept enough, but it
wasn't terribly exciting.

Around 1997 I finally got to try on some inline skates and was hooked - I
took up with a bunch of skater punk friends I had made and we would
cruise around Colorado State University until the cops would chase us
away.  I had a house in 1998 and we put a 6' tall half-pipe in the
backyard which I started to learn how to use until I left Colorado.
Stylistically I was an agro-street skater.  I was serious to the extent
that we went out pretty often, but that doesn't mean I was very good  :)

I still use a skateboard to travel around town in some situations, the
hills in SF can be quite useful if dangerous was to release potential

8:   Street Hockey?
Shortly after picking up skates, one of my skate friends and I got
some hockey gear for kicks and started to play.  We were mostly
motivated by the fact that CSU had just built an outdoor hockey rink
right by our house that (if you were sneaky enough) could be used by
non-students.  We played quite a bit.  We only managed to rise above
mediocrity through our skating abilities, since we were awful at the
hockey part, but we could get around the rink faster than all but the
serious hockey players.

9:   Soccer?
Although I don't like team sports much, I enjoy soccer - probably because
I played it for many years when I was younger.  I like indoor soccer because
it is such a fast-paced, high energy game.  I briefly played on a team
with some friends in Colorado, but I haven't had time in California.

10:  Sleep?
Yumm..  Not enough.

11:  Sex?
That would be my favorite.

12:  What's with all these letter 'S's?
I don't know.  It's pretty weird, don't you think?

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