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Title:Dave's Web Extravaganza
Date:August 17, 2001
Self Righteous:2
Simply true:3

Some people ask me why I have such a massive web extravaganza.

I admit, it's a bit megalomaniacal, but it's also a useful collection of data in my life. Anything that I want to keep track of can go on my website, so I can always find it.

Anything that isn't intensely personal, of course. But then again, looking through my site will demonstrate that I have little shame, and have no problem exposing my life.

Heck, I never have to worry about forgetting how many broken bones I've had, what vehicles I've owned, or even when my animals were born.

Now, people often peruse my site and then ask me why the heck I put it all online.

I don't think it really matters whether I put it online or not - I think the real question is why are you looking at it?

I don't have a good answer for that.

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