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Title:Endless Moore's Law
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Heck, it's not even started yet...

This will be a paper on why Moore's Law will not stop at the atomic transistor.

But actually it doesn't really matter.

1)  Not going to stop - Moletronics (molecular electronics), optical chips,..
    Counterpoint:  On 9/30/1997 @ SF Moscone Center, Moore showed an
        electron micrograph of a Pentium: "As you can see, it's
        only several molecule layers thick.  I don't know how much more
        you can expect to scale that without beginning to see some
        real problems.  So at some time in the next several generations, we
        really start to get some fundamental limits...If you extrapolate...
        we run out of gas doing that in the year 2017."
Example: "..The new memory technology -- programmable metallization cell (PMC) -- comes as current storage technologies are starting to reach their physical limits."

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