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Title:July Fourth
Date:July 4th, 2001
Self Righteous:3
Simply true:9

It's July Fourth, 2001, and George Bush is in Philly today, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, being a part of the July 4th celebration. The news also mentioned that he's going to spend some of his speech on supporting his idea of bringing religion back into schools.

At first I was sad to hear that, but then I started laughing. It's amazingly ironic, and here's why:

Georgie wants to bring religion back into schools, and you and I both know he isn't talking about all religion, such as Branch Davidians or Satanists. In fact, I bet given a choice, he'd keep Judaism out too, but let's wait and see.

Bringing religion into school like this (in a non-secular fashion) means destroying the separation of church and state. State cannot support all religions, so when specific religions are brought into the state, it persecutes other religions.

So here's why I started laughing.

The Declaration Of Independence was created by a group of people who fled their countries and found a new land. The main reason they did this, the main reason our country exists, was to flee religious persecution.

Happy Fourth of July.