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Title:Instant Messaging Sucks
Self Righteous:2
Simply true:3

Why don't you IM?

Chatting is not one of my favorite past-times.

As far as I'm concerned, IM is all about small talk, and email is actual communication. The instantaneous part of IM doesn't appeal to me, since (if I'm at my computer) I usually respond to quick email requests immediately.

I use my computer far too much as it is, so it's not really my thing to spend time chatting on one, that's what phones, or heck, vis-a-vis is for (gasp!). So, if you want to chat, that's fine, but let's meet somewhere or use the phone..

Problem is, I log on to IM and then everyone wants to chat away the day. Blah. Maybe I'm just anti-social, but if you really want to chat, you can find me in real life.

If you want to discuss something with me, email is great, feel free to send me some.

Or call. You can email me to ask me my phone number. :)