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Date:October 24th, 2000
Self Righteous:2
Simply true:9

This is an excerpt from a private email discussion, pardon the poor formatting:

To be frank, I seriously have some strong opinions about what hormones
do to human beings - and it is all backed up by some strong medical 
evidence (though why the medical community hasn't drawn these conclusions
implies that either they are stupid or I am missing something):

Testosterone causes:
1)  Sex drive
2)  Logical/critical thinking skills
3)  Aggression

Estrogen creates:
1)  Relationship skills
2)  Nurturing skills
3)  Mood swing

Now - the key is this - I am not claiming that men are testosterone
and women are estrogen or that either is better - they both have positive
and negative traits.

Men and women have both hormones in different levels.  For example, 
about 1 in 100 women have ratios of testosterone that are more like
men.  There's a medical term for this I can't remember, but we generally
call them tomboys.  And no - that doesn't mean they look like men or
are attracted to women.  It means they have more of the tendencies that
testosterone creates.
Draw your own conclusions.