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Title:Cellular Dave
Date:March 20th, 2002
Self Righteous:2
Simply true:3

There's a big backlash against cell phones. I hate having stuff, and I especially hate carrying stuff, so I understand it, though I don't have the major problem of being accessible that most people do, maybe I just don't have any friends. ;)

But I didn't really want a cell phone, though I finally caved in September of 2001, and here's why.

I was stranded in Canada during the 9/11 tragedy. I was sitting on a plane on the East Coast and ready to fly to the West Coast when it happened, we were ushered off the plane into total chaos in the baggage area. They didn't know when or where our bags would come off, and it was a 100% concentration job trying to get to my luggage. During this time, all the phones were packed with people.

I need to call my family, call for housing, call the airline, and get my luggage at the same time. Impossible.

I also had to spend a week in Canada using payphones to reach people, and basically making it impossible for people to reach me.

I started thinking about getting a cell then.

When I got back, I heard the story about the guy on the plane that crashed into the fields. He called his wife when they were hijacked, and his wife told him what had happened with the other planes. He told his wife that he and two other men were going to "do something." We'll never know what happened, but it's probably safe to assume that they are what brought the plane down.

If it wasn't for that cell phone, that plane probably would have hit another target.

That was enough reasons for me.

My life has popped up two more reasons for cell phone ownership: