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Date:March 11th, 2002
Self Righteous:4
Simply true:3

Many people wonder why they are attracted to the people they
are attracted to.

Being an engineering geek, I know exactly what I'm attracted to, and I
could even draw you a graph.  ;-)

I believe that people have four qualities:  physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual.  I'm still figuring out the spiritual bit, but I find that
the other three qualities are what attract me.

Those three are all important, and to me, attraction is based on two
forms of these qualities, or, perhaps I should call them "measures."

Yea, that's probably better.

So - the two measures are strength and beauty.

And don't take those in the canonical sense, I don't just mean "able to
bench press 300 pounds" strength or "able to be a supermodel" beauty, though
there's nothing wrong with either of those.

I mean it in a more global sense, and applied to each of the qualities.

So, physical strength and beauty, mental strength and beauty, emotional
strength and beauty.

Physical strength isn't just how much you can lift, it includes hardiness
and constitution.  Physical beauty isn't just a photo, it includes style
and fire and expression.  And lots of that, I've found, is in the eyes.

Mental strength is intelligence as well as problem solving.  Mental
beauty is philosophy and wisdom.

Emotional strength is the ability to hold under pressure.  Emotional
beauty is a soft heart.

Yea, that's it.

Now if only I could google all of humanity for those things.
I'd probably press "I'm feeling lucky" for that..